Graham & Eileen Pratt

Graham & Eileen have been involved with folk music all their adult lives. Although no longer active as performers, their recordings are still available below.

Sheffield Choirs

Graham now runs two choirs:
Sheffield Folk Chorale (SFC) and
Millhouses Community Choir (MCC).

SFC is a performance choir which started up in 2001.
Its material is written and/or arranged
by Graham and reflects a bias towards traditional English/European music.
Recordings and songbooks are available below.

MCC is open to all-comers and sings a broader repertoire of popular songs.

CDs / Recordings

New online album from Sheffield Folk Chorale.

Selected tracks from earlier CDs + previously unpublished material, celebrating 20 years of the choir.

All monies from the recording will go to the Sheffield Hospitals Charity Trust.

Hope and Harmony

1: Work o’ The Weaver 2: I Live Not Where I Love 3: Twa Corbies 4: Trumpet Carol 5: Newry Highwayman 6: Back And Sides Go Bare 7: Lovely On The Water 8: Herrick’s Wassail 9: Misty Mountain 10: I Will Make You Brooches 11: Let The Rain Come 12: Paul’s Shanty 13: Grinder’s Hardships 14: Agincourt Carol

Available for £5.00 (+ VAT in UK) from: Bandcamp

To donate to the charity without buying an album, please visit our Just Giving page here

Graham & Eileen Pratt

Borders of the Ocean

1: Come All You Fair And Tender Ladies 2: Brown Adam
3: Rumours 4: Adieu Adieu 5: Bonny Bunch Of Roses
6: Maiden Of Morven 7: Laily Worm 8: Dark Fairy Rath
9: Willie’s Lady 10: Dark-Haired Alan 11: Broomfield Hill
12: King Of The Fairies 13: Garton Mother’s Lullaby
14: Another You.

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The Greek King’s Daughter

1: Donal Og 2: Lass of Glenshee 3: Flash Lad 4: Bold Grenadier
5: Black Against the Snow 6: Green Grows the Laurel
7: Knickerbocker Line 8: Dame Durden
9: Dieu/Hymn to Peronne 10: I Wish, I Wish 11: Lover’s Ghost
12: Bright Morning Star 13: Poor Man Pays for All
14: Patrick Spens 15: Lark in the Clear Air.

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Sheffield Folk Chorale

Now Gathered Together

1: Over the Hills and Far Away 2: Trumpet Carol 3: Hebron
4: Oak and Ash and Thorn 5: White Shepherd
6: Will Said to his Mammy 7: Striking for Another Land
8: Fourpence a Day 9: Grey Funnel Line 10: Dance to your Daddy 11: Dancing at Whitsun 12: Misalliance 13: The Greatest Gift
14: On this Day 15: YuleTide! 16: Now Gathered Together
17: One More Song / Quendale Bay.

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No Easy Trade

1: Yan Tan Tethera Pethera 2: The Grinders’ Hardships
3: Albuera 4: Now What Is Love? 5: Twa Corbies
6: Rosebud in June 7: Awake My Harp
8: I Will Make You Brooches 9: Lay Me Low
10: House of Hospitalities 11: Bright Morning Star
12: Call The Yowes 13: Carollers from Hell 14: Sir Christemas
15: Three Kings Came 16: Hail Chime On.

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Let the Rain Come

1: Shepherd of the Moor 2: Work o’ the Weaver
3: Let the Rain Come 4: Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya
5: Lovely on the Water 6: The Two Brothers 7: The Drovers
8: Bonny Pit Laddie 9: Misty Mountain
10: The Knickerbocker Line 11: Paul’s Shanty
12: Dunstan Lullaby 13: Cold Sir Winter 14: Christmas Truce.

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The material in these books comes from Graham’s work with The Sheffield Folk Chorale. They contain straight-forward arrangements of traditional material – but also pieces with new or reworked tunes and lyrics.

There’s a mix of easy, moderate and more challenging songs. Four-part arrangements are the norm, but many are presented in a way that allows for 3 or 2-part variations. Guidance is given on these options.

Songbooks are £11 each but if you order all 5 books (totalling 80 songs) you only pay for 4 at £44.
Just order any four books – then email me saying you’d like all five.


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Songs in Harmony: Book One
Our Voices Are Our Own
(16 songs)
Supported by the Sarah Morgan Foundation

Anna Had An Old Man, Bread And Cheese Wassail,
Buy Broom Besoms, Donal My Own,
Grinders’ Hardships, Hebron,
I Live Not Where I Love, Innocent Year,
Lord Of The Leopard, Moon Shines Bright,
Newry Highwayman, Safe In Your Cradle,
See How The Stars, Shepherds Arise,
There’s No Pleasing You!, Twa Corbies

“Graham Pratt is an experienced folk performer…and a brilliant arranger of traditional songs. 
This is a lovely collection…such as the beautiful lullaby Safe In Your Cradle… and the heart-breaking arrangement of Donal My Own.”

(Angeline Morrison – Natural Voice Network)

Winter Songs in Harmony: Book Two
Carollers From Hell
(14 songs)

Carollers From Hell, Ceremonies For Christmas, Christmas Again, Christmas Song (Coppers), Cynic’s Christmas, Herod – Flight Of The Refugees, Hunting The Wren, I Saw Three Ships, Let The Rain Come, Now Thrice Welcome Christmas, Parting Glass, Song Of The York Waits, Story Of A Child, Three Kings Came

“Graham’s arrangements…are skilful, imaginative, witty…and satisfying to sing. In fact, they solidly tick every box you might require if looking for new material for a choir. “
(Paul Burgess – Living Tradition, 2019)

Songs in Harmony: Book Three
Yan Tan Tethera Pethera
(18 songs)
Supported by the Sarah Morgan Foundation

Bright Morning Star, Long Way Home, Work O’ The Weaver, Shallow Brown, Hard Is The Fortune, Paul’s Shanty, Misty Mountain, Brand New Day, Bonny Light Horseman, A Wish Of Joy And Wonder, Drummer Hodge, On The Wings Of An Eagle, When I Was A Young Girl, Henry’s Hymn,
My Johnny Was A Shoemaker, Lovely Joan, Blanche Comme La Neige, Yan Tan Tethera Pethera

Graham is an engaging and highly-skilled choir director and singer, which shines through in this cornucopia of choral arrangements.”
(Paul Sartin – Belshazzar’s Feast)

Winter Songs in Harmony: Book Four
One More Song
(16 songs)

One More Song, Cup Of Kindness,
George Wither’s Christmas Carol,
Merrily To Bethlehem, Make We Merry, Herrick’s Wassail, Winter Is A-Comin’ In, Christmas Card Carol, Shepherd Of The Moor, House Of Hospitalities, Regal Slip’s Lullay Carol, Sweet Child Beyond Compare, This Is The Weather,
The Darkling Thrush, Silently On Christmas Eve,
Alleluia This Sweet Song

This collection of eclectic songs
with exquisite harmonies is a gem.

(Paul Hutchinson)

Songs in Harmony: Book Five
Last Few Molecules (16 songs)
Supported by the Sarah Morgan Foundation

‘Twas On One April Morning, Yule’s Come Yule’s Gone, Row On, I Am Christmas, Carol Of The Cobblers, 
To My Old Brown Earth, This Night The Stars, 
Welcome The Stranger, Trumpet Carol, 
Evermore Be Merry, White Shepherd, 
When The Green Man Walks The Forest, 
Lovely On The Water, Captive In Clay, 
Albuera, Bring Us In Good Ale.

I’ve also done some 2, 3 and 4-part arrangements on songs by my friend, Maddy Taylor, in her book: Fine Songs For Singing
Contact Maddy on Facebook



These audio links feature (mainly) winter songs performed by SFC.
They appear in the songbooks as follows:

Songbook One:
Lord Of The Leopard

Songbook Two:
Carollers From Hell (V), Christmas Again, I Saw Three Ships, Let The Rain Come,
Song Of The York Waits, Story Of A Child

Songbook Three:
Bright Morning Star

Songbook Four:
Merrily To Bethlehem, Herrick’s Wassail, House Of Hospitalities (verse 1),
Shepherd Of The Moor (V), Darkling Thrush

The two songs marked “V” can be found as videos elsewhere on this page.

The harmonies in the books may differ slightly from the sung versions but are fundamentally the same.

Lord Of The Leopard

Christmas Again

I Saw Three Ships

Let the Rain Come

Song of the York Waits

Story of a Child

Bright Morning Star

Merrily to Bethlehem

Herrick’s Wassail

House of Hospitalities

Darkling Thrush

Events 2023

Monday, 1 May (Bank Holiday) at 7pm – Wath-On-Dearne Folk Festival
WATH PARISH CHURCH, Church St, Wath-Upon-Dearne, S63 7RD

Friday, 16 June – Fund-Raiser For The Church
ST ANDREW’S, Psalter Lane (SAPL), Psalter Ln, Nether Edge, Sheffield S11 8YL

Monday, 26 June – Well-Dressing Week!
YOULGREAVE CHURCH, Church St, Youlgreave, Bakewell, DE45 1WL

Friday, 30 June at 7pm – Popular Venue For The Choir
ST MARK’S, High Street, Mosborough, South Yorkshire, S20 5AE

Monday 17 July at 7pm – Fund-Raiser For St Wilfrid’s Centre
MOTHER OF GOD CHURCH, 11 St Ronan’s Rd, Nether Edge, Sheffield S7 1DX

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